I live in a frat house

I feel like at 33 I should have a house that reflects style, on trend, functional and have purpose. But I live in a frat house. At any given time there is someone crying, passed out, puking, eating, drinking, screaming, running, wrestling, fighting, excessively touching you or hearing “I had a poop” from the bathroom…..parents you all know what I’m talking about. This happens everyday all day, it never changes. Nothing has a place or goes together, its frustrating because I would love to just redesign my whole house. Alas even if I had the extra disposable income (hahahah what is that?!) my fraternity would never allow it.

You see when you have 3 small humans who have taken up residence in your house all sense of style and keeping on home trends goes out the window…..literally I have seen my children throw my things out the window. It is like living in Animal House, if you’re lucky you can escape the day without having rager at your place because of course it being the frat house our friends come over and add further destruction and chaos. But like any good party house I stock my friends drinks of choice, because sometimes getting day tipsy while your kids play and you get to chat with your friend is the best kind of party……or the only kind of party that I can have. Note to self do not use your children’s excessive whining, bugging and asking for snacks as a drinking game…..you will die.

All of my furniture was either given to us or free and decor……yeah its pretty much everything that I have gathered during our years traveling before children and family photos in cheap frames because they broke the nice ones already. One day I when they are more civilized I will get to start from scratch and design a space that reflects my style and personality (guys you all know you have zero say how your home is decorated) but for now I’m grateful all of my furniture can be tossed because they will have no life left and my wreaking crew will have done their worst and it didn’t cost me a fortune. In fact it cost me nothing! So I am trying to embrace my frat house style for as long as I can while I pinterest ideas and drink wine, dreaming of the day I can move out.


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