When Life Gives you Lemons

I follow the mantra of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and add vodka. Our lives just get crazy…all things that are solely for mom get dropped. The past few months have just been a frenzy of activity and it has been way too long since I have taken the time to write, it happens……I’m tired and chose to veg out instead of working, sorry not sorry. I have been enjoying the incredible summer like weather and sipping away on my nude vodka sodas….not lemonade but still fits the bill

enjoying my hard work on my mom deck surrounded by my pretty flowers and my summer go to drink

So why have we been so busy? I have no freaking idea!! I mean I do, obliviously it’s my life but I guess its just typical of life with 3 tiny humans and making the most of being outside in the beautiful summer like weather. The kids have wanted to ride bikes and play with friends in the yard…..yay! but wait that means I need to be with them outside…..so nothing gets done inside and I have to do it all once they go to bed. Plus there is a never ending list of things to get ready for the summer season….we work hard and play hard. So I guess I will do outside chores, the veggie garden needed to be prepped, planned and planted. The raspberries tied up, pressure washing the deck and setting up my mom cave of deck plant heaven. Not to mention getting ready for camping season, buying a new trailer (a upcoming post….its a good one, I’m pretty sure my husband hates my great ideas most days lol) It has not all been work, I had a incredible cup filling weekend away with my bestie that was so needed that we both didn’t realize how much until we we’re pampered and relaxed in our spa robes all day. Also a visit with my mom, which is always the best……can not wait until they move here ( hint hint) and we just got home from our annual May Long weekend camping trip with our wolf pack Kate plus 8 boys under the age of 6 and that was just our immediate crew not the extras. Life has been crazy but we have been attempting to enjoy it along the way, some days are hard but that’s nothing new.

Sorry not sorry I’ve been in Vacay Mode

So I will be working to get a few post ready before we head off for our annual family camping road trip so that I don’t go missing from your lives for too long again……admit it you missed me too! I have lots of great posts planned, everything from my camping/outdoor activities with tiny human hacks to the best new drinks of the summer can’t wait to do that “research”. Stay tuned and don’t forget to make lemonade with all the lemons that life throws at you.


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