Hop to it! Easter is here

Once a Upon a time I loved holidays. I loved to make each holiday super special with decorations, themed crafts, baked goodies, books, all out for all holidays. I am a pinterest mom, I just loved it…..note how I said loved not love. Now that I have more than one child, holidays have gotten out of control. I have created holiday monsters. Its horrible, they are so exited and won’t stop talking about whatever holiday is next…..its extremely annoying to constantly explain that Easter x number of days away or St Patrick’s day is not your birthday (my middle child name and so he and his siblings think it is “His” day) and its a constant discussion of holidays. Of course once you start something in a house full of children they quickly learn that it is now a “tradition” and you gotta do it for the memories right. Sigh I know I did this to myself…..I’m warning all you parents of singles and babies if you are planning on having more children lower the expectations now, because what you did for one you have to do for all. This advice is for all holidays, birthday parties and basically everything in your life. They will hold you to this, I’m warning you now and they will never let you forget “but he got to do it why can’t I” avoid this at all costs.

The hunt is on, they totally know how to find hidden things…..some how this only applies on Easter egg hunts

So now Easter is around the corner and I’m basically screwed because don’t you know I have to do all holidays by myself and I did not follow my own advice early in life. My husband to be honest he doesn’t care about holiday crap….its a mom job we all know it. They have no idea what they got the kids for Christmas let alone all the minor holidays that magically happen. This year he is also working, life of a shift worker sometimes you have to work during the holiday’s. So because we have always taken our oldest to the community Easter egg hunt…..guess what now we have to go every year. So you will see me stressed out to the max that my children will be lost, run away from me (extremely likely), get hurt (equally likely) or taken in a crowd of hundreds of families but I’ll put on my big girl panties and suck it up because my children are so excited and will not forgive me if they miss out.

waiting for the horn to release the hounds

We limit the amount of treats and chocolate our kids have, they don’t need it and frankly it never ends well for us…they are sugar monsters and my husband just ends up eating most of it, he is not sad about this and requests his favorites……really like I need a reminder. But because of this they are at the age where sneaking away their treats requires MI6 spy level skills, I’m too tried for that crap so here’s my go to non candy Easter basket treats that won’t break the bank and your kids will love too.

What I found at the local dollar store

Crayola paint, they sell them at amazon in the 10 pack, they are small and brightly colored so its fun and easy for them to find. All the kids really care about is finding tons of stuff so the more items you can buy and split up the better! works with markers and crayons too! Now my kids love the dinosaur hatching eggs, I found them online and at the Dollar store they are always a big hit in the Christmas stockings too! Bubble wands, now I find the cheaper the better because those jerks will dump out a tube in seconds again they come in packs so yay! more crap to find but make sure everything is in even numbers….because they will find out if one has more than the other. Go down to the dollar store and find some fun bugs, silly string, sunglasses, glow sticks, hot wheels and coloring books, the key to to get things that they enjoy doing and will use. So if you have a little crafter in the house get some fun supplies, books are always a great thing to find at the thrift stores, mix it up but don’t break the bank because they could care less how much money you spent, save it and buy a bottle of wine for yourself because its going to be a long ass day setting everything up and then the ticking time bomb of meltdowns all day long.

Enjoying new sunglasses and silly string from the Easter bunny

Now my kids do get a few treats that I put in the refillable plastic eggs, I change it up based on their ages. My older kids get jelly beans, foil eggs, smarties (careful if you are doing this outside if they get wet its not fun) , bear paws or annies cookies and I mix in a few of Dads favorites which we ask them to “share” they are always watching to make sure all their eggs are still intact, use your spy skills or be mean whatever works for you. When they where little and for my current baby, I fill them with yogurt covered raisins, love ducks, and baby food. That’s pretty much it, it ends up being a ton of stuff for them to find which is all they really care about but most of it is things that we use anyways in the summer months so its great because I was going to buy it anyways, now it counts as a gift….hahahaha suckers!!


I live in a frat house

I feel like at 33 I should have a house that reflects style, on trend, functional and have purpose. But I live in a frat house. At any given time there is someone crying, passed out, puking, eating, drinking, screaming, running, wrestling, fighting, excessively touching you or hearing “I had a poop” from the bathroom…..parents you all know what I’m talking about. This happens everyday all day, it never changes. Nothing has a place or goes together, its frustrating because I would love to just redesign my whole house. Alas even if I had the extra disposable income (hahahah what is that?!) my fraternity would never allow it.

You see when you have 3 small humans who have taken up residence in your house all sense of style and keeping on home trends goes out the window…..literally I have seen my children throw my things out the window. It is like living in Animal House, if you’re lucky you can escape the day without having rager at your place because of course it being the frat house our friends come over and add further destruction and chaos. But like any good party house I stock my friends drinks of choice, because sometimes getting day tipsy while your kids play and you get to chat with your friend is the best kind of party……or the only kind of party that I can have. Note to self do not use your children’s excessive whining, bugging and asking for snacks as a drinking game…..you will die.

All of my furniture was either given to us or free and decor……yeah its pretty much everything that I have gathered during our years traveling before children and family photos in cheap frames because they broke the nice ones already. One day I when they are more civilized I will get to start from scratch and design a space that reflects my style and personality (guys you all know you have zero say how your home is decorated) but for now I’m grateful all of my furniture can be tossed because they will have no life left and my wreaking crew will have done their worst and it didn’t cost me a fortune. In fact it cost me nothing! So I am trying to embrace my frat house style for as long as I can while I pinterest ideas and drink wine, dreaming of the day I can move out.

Paw Patrol to the Rescue

OK so first time moms sorry this is not your post, at least not yet! I remember my first never watching TV, I was able to watch Ellen or any number of day time shows while he played and basically ignored the TV. Then when he was about 2.5 years old we started our love affair with the pups. Let me tell you the second and third children became obsessed with Paw Patrol very early in life. You can count on those pups and trusty Ryder to give you 20 mins to make dinner, god forbid sit down for more than a few seconds ( you best make a snack if this is your game plan, because you know those little jerks are going to NEED a SNACK stat) you can even attempt to shower…..also with the door open, we’re mom’s that’s just how it’s going to be but those magical pups might just make it a solo shower for 5 mins.

Now a few things I have questioned over my years of watching countless episodes. First is I’m a little offended that Netflix asks me after a undisclosed amount of time if I want to keep watching……um mm yes! isn’t that why I started at season one episode one, mommy needs to get shit done today, stop judging my parenting Netflix. All jokes aside, I don’t even know what I would do if I could not count on the pups to save the day? Best to not think about that! Secondly once you are forced to watch, you start to question how these magical pups have captured your children’s minds and hearts. Because my baby girl at 18 months can point and name all the pups and gets down right pissed off when the show ends. The more you think about it the more it makes zero sense, how does a 10 year old boy have a high tech look out with 6 pups, multiple vehicles but yet only drives the quad……because he made a robot dog to fly the plane, drive the boat and giant bus, perks right?! Also how are all the adults on the show basically inept (this is being nice, don’t even get me started on the Mayor), a little girl runs a business, where are the parents and if the pups can talk why can’t the cats??

My only conclusion is that Ryder is Batman only he’s decided to be good and almost too helpful. Instead of fighting bad guys he just saves the day the paw patrol way. Well Ryder you save the day almost every day in our house, I can count on you to get me through the early mornings that I refuse to enjoy until after a drink at least one cup of coffee, the times when my kids are fighting and the baby is crawling up my leg while I attempt to get dinner ready in time, the times we read the books on the pool deck while one child is in lessons and the others have to wait and watch, the countless hours of enjoyment with the endless amount of merchandise. All I know is ” when your in trouble, just yelp for help” all too soon they will be asking to watch even more annoying and strange shows….have you seen Skylanders, what the F it makes even less sense, Ninja Turtles always leads to “we’re just playing ninjas mom” while doing flying kicks off the couch. I’ll stick with the always helpful and kind pups for as long as I can get away with it.